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1.33 million euros for Hasselt University Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

UHasselt researchers, in collaboration have secured the funds for a high-end, versatile lightsheet microscope capable of imaging both live and cleared samples. In the near future this setup will be installed at the AOMC enabling fast, sensitive and highly detailed three-dimensional imaging.

“In our facility we analyze samples up to 50 by 50 micrometers in size, with this new device we will be able to examine samples up to almost one centimeter in size, but at the same time, and very uniquely, still with the highest sensitivity. This could, for example, concern the molecular details of nerve cell connectivity in a complete mouse brain, a piece of intestine, or in a flatworm. With this new light microscope you gain a lot of insight into the anatomy, morphology and structure of these samples."

Interdisciplinary team A team of a total of 6 UHasselt professors submitted the FWO heavy infrastructure application: Werend Boesmans, Annelies Bronckaers, Bieke Broux, Ilse Dewachter, Jelle Hendrix and Karen Smeets. Also dr. Sam Duwé, AOMC facility manager, had a crucial role in preparing this application. In addition, the pathology research group of Prof. Veerle Melotte at Maastricht University Medical Center involved. Strengthening healthcare “It is our ambition not only to use this device in our own research, but also, for example, to investigate whether we can help pathologists to make complementary or even better diagnoses of patient samples,” says Jelle Hendrix. This device fits perfectly within the vision of the future Health Campus in Diepenbeek to strengthen healthcare in the region. The FWO heavy infrastructure application also provides personnel resources to further grow high-level microscopy in BIOMED.

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