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Flanders BioImaging aims to intergrate multi-modal imaging expertise across the microscopy, preclinical and clinical domains between institutions. Major interactions/existing joint projects between sites in the areas indicated are indicated below for each domain.


EM Histology and SPIM

Neuronal imaging

Label free (SHG)


High Content Imaging

Molecular fluctuations and dynamics (FCS, FRAP, RICS)

Image reconstruction/processing

Small animal PET/CT/MR/SPECT

Optical imaging

Image reconstruction/processing


Examples of recent studies carried out within FBI are shown below:


A: live second harmonic imaging of striated muscle myosin (magenta) and multiphoton GCaMP (green) in mouse esophageal wall (KUL); B: human dental pulp stem cells in tethered collagen type I hydrogels (cells in red by autofluorescence and collagen fibrils in green by second harmonic generation) (UH); C: Whole brain depth-color coded imaging of vasculature in the cleared mouse brain (UA); D: Confocal imaging of human lung fibroblasts plus carbonaceous particles by non-descanned twophoton imaging. (UH); E: 3D BLI of lung metastases with anatomical CT atlas overlay (KUL); F: microPET-MR of Zr89-labeled novel antibody tumor tracer (KUL); G: Spectral unmixing of GFP-expressing tumors and tissue autofluorescence (KUL); H: Atherosclerotic plaque imaging by 18F-cAbVCAM1-5 in ApoE-/- mice (VUB) I: 18F-MK6240 tau worldwide first-inman study in Alzheimer’s disease patient (KUL/Merck); J: SSR2 imaging of suicide reporter gene for pluripotent stem cell-derived therapy of myocardial infarction (KUL); K: MR tractography of the arcuate fasciculus for brain tumor surgery (KUL); L: Selective dopamine transporter PETMR (18F-PE2I) (KUL); M: Fibrous dysplasia mimicking small bone metastasis on 68Ga-PSMA PET/MRI (KUL)

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