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Initial contact is made with the FBI co-ordinator (central point of access). The project undergoes initial evaluation and discussion at an ad-hoc management board, where the most relevant consortia expertise is identified. The experimental plan is then designed and a contract drawn up between the user and the local institution. The study is then executed, data are processed and results delivered to the client.


Often, productive and cutting-edge science is a result of a collaboration between imaging scientists and biologists rather than the more simplistic fee for service or training model. Flanders BioImaging is committed to developing strong collaborations between scientists both in academic and industry to promote innovation and project delivery. The figure below illustrates this process in general with a clear distinction between the 'explore' and 'execute' phases for a typical project application (adapted from Schweigreiter, R. et al. EMBO Rep 21, e49755, (2020)

FB-III study flow.png
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