Light Microscopy Bioimaging Operations Consortium


The Belgian LIMBO ("Light Microscopy Bioimaging Operations Consortium) – Advanced Light Microscopy Node Candidate is a collaborative network of scientists who use fluorescence microscopy to investigate biological questions. It specializes in fluorescence imaging, ranging from single molecule visualization to imaging of integrated cell systems. LIMBO provides cutting edge microscopy services and develops novel schemes for analyzing and interpreting the obtained images. LIMBO focuses on dynamic tissue imaging ranging from single molecules to whole organisms with a strong focus on BioImage Informatics. LIMBO consists of four Flemish universities (KU Leuven, UAntwerpen, UGent, UHasselt and the VIB). Due to the link with the university hospitals, providing a bench-to-bedside microscopy and combinations with FLAMINGO medical imaging is a realistic possibility.​


Flanders Molecular Imaging Organisation


The Belgian FLAMINGO (“Flanders Molecular Imaging Organisation”) – Molecular Imaging Node Candidate is designed to integrate the highly sensitive techniques of PET, SPECT, microPET and microSPECT with state-of-the-art anatomo-functional imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, optical imaging.Its mission is to develop an integrated set of core technologies for fundamental research studies, clinical trials and drug development through a complete set of translational imaging infrastructures extending from mice to humans.FLAMINGO combines this infrastructure with diverse expertise and know-how, highly-trained personnel and scientific collaboration from study design, diverse GMP radiotracer development, data acquisition, and full-range analysis of imaging-based studies and clinical trials with in-house clinical pharmacology expertise and housing.

Flanders BioImaging consists of two domains::


Christopher Cawthorne
Flanders BioImaging Co-ordinator

O&N I Herestraat 49 - box 505
3000 Leuven
room: 05.616


Tel: 0032-16-325694

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